Brushes! How to take proper care of your investment!

by Jessica Zak

This post was inspired by an interesting "life hack" I saw on Facebook. What was it you ask...? To put your make-up brushes in the dishwasher to clean them. WHAT?! NO. NEVER.

Heres why:

Make-up brushes are composed of three parts: the bristle, the ferrule, and the handle all held together with glue. The bristles are glued into the ferrule, and the ferrule glued onto the handle.

The heat alone in a dish washer will heat that glue up enough to compromise the integrity of said glue, resulting in a disaster of a brush in three pieces if not more. If the heat wasn't enough of a reason to not 'dish washer' your brushes, the water will also ruin them. The water will enter the ferrule, sit there during the wash, and again loosen the glue that is connecting the bristles and the ferrule. If the heat and the water weren't enough then PLEASE let dish washing detergent deter you.

After researching a common dishwashing detergent I found seven chemical ingredients, none of which I believe I want on my face. But contrary to my beliefs I am not a scientist, so I picked up the phone and called my friend who actually is to ask him. I sent him a list of the chemicals I found and asked if any of them were good for skin. His response? "No, some of them are actually SEVERE irritants..". 

No, you are not actually rubbing these chemicals directly onto your skin. But your brushes WILL soak up the water they are put into and they WILL stay in the bristles. And where are those bristles going? Your face. Your eyes. Your lips.

With the strong possibility of irritating my skin, my eyes, my lips, all for the sake of "saving time" or "making something easier"? It isn't worth it to me. Not only will it have negative effects on your skin, it will ruin your brushes.

After that soap box what is the CORRECT way to clean your brushes? This is the fun part!

Personally, I use Parian Spirit  

  • There are no artificial fragrances or colors
  • Made from citrus spirits
  • soft and gentle on brushes, but also strong enough to break down oil based make-up, adhesives, latex.
  • conditions bristles while also killing bacteria  

There are other cleaners, which I haven't used, but do recommend them based on what I have heard and read about them:

Beauty So Clean brush cleaner

  • Made with all natural ingredients 
  • Dries within seconds
  • Gentle but effective cleaning


  • Gentle cleaning, disinfecting, and conditioning 
  • Environmentally safe
  • Dissolves powder, liquids, wax based make-up, and adhesives

I hope that with this information you are able to take even better care of your investment. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below and I'll be sure to help you out! 

Skin Care!

by Jessica Zak

What is skin care? 

The definition is the cleaning, massaging, moisturizing, etc., of the skin, especially the face or hands. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, (no pun intended!), everyones face is different. Everyone produces sebum (oil) differently on their face, and on their body, but lets go over a few of the most common skin types.

Dry skin 
Dry skin can have a different effects on the skin:

  • redness
  • little to no visible pores
  • itching/peeling
  • a feeling of skin tightness

Oily skin
Oily skin can have a different effects on the skin, but vastly different than dry skin

  • enlarged pores
  • shiny complexion
  • black heads, pimples, other imperfections

Combination skin
Combination skin can have effects on the skin that included symptoms from both oily and dry.

  • dry or normal in some areas, oily in others
  • over dilated pores
  • blackheads

Now the question is WHAT is the skin care for each of these?

Dry skin

  • Use a cleanser that is free of alcohol or fragrance, both of which are very drying to the skin. Cream cleansers are usually a go to when trying to find one that is free of alcohol and fragrance.
    • Phisoderm makes a fragrance and alcohol-free cream cleanser. 
    • Burt's Bees makes a intense hydration cream cleanser. There is a scent but it is from an herb that is added called clary sage. Clary sage is good in helping trapping and retaining moisture. So, although this one does have a fragrance it is not an artificial scent.
    • Dermalogica makes a special cleansing gel. The gel removes impurities without without disrupting the skins balance. Dermalogica is also an A+ brand because there is no guessing game or questioning if there is alcohol or fragrance in any of their products. 

Oily skin

  • Use an oil-free cleanser that is free of alcohol or fragrance. Foam cleansers are usually a go to when trying to find an oil-free cleanser. There are companies that do have cleansers that are not foam that are specifically for oily skin.
    • Aveeno makes a foam cleanser, that is nourishing and hydrating without adding access oil to the skin.
    •  Dermalogica makes an Oily Skin care kit. It contains 5 products that work as a team to maintain oily skin correctly.
    • Noxema makes a lathering cleanser that is free from the harsh ingredients in acne face wash. It has anti-bacterial qualities that cleans pores and removes dirt but doesn't over dry the skin

Combination skin

  • When dealing with combination skin you may need to buy two different cleansers for the dry parts of your face and another for the oily parts. Usually the circumstances are not bad enough to need two, but sometimes there is. 
    • Olay makes a foaming face wash that is nourishing to the dry parts of your face but does not stimulate or create more oil.
    • Clean and Clear makes an oil absorbing cream cleanser. This face wash also has some acne medication properties so it may over dry the parts of combination skin that are dry, but will help with the oily part of the face.
    • Lush makes a cleanser that is for oily prone skin it contains a kaolin clay and and rice bran base that mops up excess oil. It also includes other vitamins and minerals to help keep a healthy balance to your skins oil production. As for the sister to this product for the dry parts of your combination skin Lush's 'Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser" is a great one. It contains a mild exfoliant to rid the dry area of dead skin. It also has the additives lavender (to soothe dry skin) and rose absolute to calm the redness that sometimes comes with dry skin.

Skin care is an absolute must in any beauty regimen. Do I slack some days? Yes, I do. I am no angel when it comes to my skin care regimen, but I immediately regret it the next day, and days to come when I do not follow it. If you follow your skin regimen you will notice a difference in your skin, the way your make-up goes on and how it looks, and the way you feel. Healthy skin is the best skin, so make a promise to your self to follow your skin care regimen and you will be glad you did.